Great Skin Isn't Dependent Only on Genetics

Alternative To Getting A Tan Through Sun Exposure

When trying to get a nice tan, you might be wondering if there is any way that you can avoid increasing your risk of skin cancer. The amount of exposure that you have to the sun is one of the leading factors influencing your likelihood of developing tumors on your skin. There are much better ways to get a tan that do not involve the sun.

A Safe Alternative To Tanning

If you love the appearance of having tanned skin, the best option is to use a UV self-tanner. Schedule an appointment for a self-tanner who can apply a spray tan in a way that is very realistic. Another great option is to purchase a self-tanner. Tanning beds are the worst way to get a tan because they increase your risk of skin cancer more than anything else. If you must go tanning, you are better off tanning the traditional way as long as you avoid getting a sunburn. If you do get a sunburn, this can significantly increase your risk of getting skin cancer. To further protect your skin, apply sunscreen on every inch of your body exposed to the sun.

Protecting Your Skin

It is better to avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Seek shade. Wear a sunhat and long-sleeved shirts. Do not spend too much time near water, snow, or sand when the sun is bright because these can be reflective and increase the effect that sunlight has on your skin. 

Why You Should Minimize Your Sun Exposure

It is important not to get a tan simply to protect yourself from skin cancer. The amount of protection that a tan provides you is small compared with the amount of damage that the time spent in the sun can have on your skin. The tan leads to photoaging, a suppressed immune system, and DNA damage. Also, do not go to a tanning bed with the goal of getting the recommended amount of Vitamin D. Most tanning beds use UVA radiation, but UVB radiation is actually necessary for getting Vitamin D. It is better to go to a doctor if you are not happy with your Vitamin D levels in order to get advice on how to get more of this nutrient. If you do spend a lot of time in the sun, it is a good idea that you get regular skin cancer screenings so that you can catch skin cancer early.