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Mole Removal Options

Many people have at least one mole. You may have one on your head, face, neck, or arms that is unsightly. Moles can also be a concern as an indicator of skin cancer. Whether you just don't like the way that the mole looks or you are concerned about the risk of melanoma, mole removal is a quick and easy way to ease your mind. 

Surgical Removal

Excision of a mole is the process of cutting into the skin to remove the mole and, sometimes, the skin around the mole. Your doctor will use surgical equipment, such as a scalpel, to cut the mole from the skin. Removing tissue around the mole itself can be beneficial in the case of concerning moles and increase the likelihood of removing all cancerous cells if the mole is malignant. The surgical nature of this mole removal method means that bleeding is likely and scarring is possible. If the mole is small enough, however, your doctor may be able to use a razor and shave the mole off of your skin. 


Cryotherapy is a technique in which a mole is removed by 'freezing' the area with a cooling substance such as liquid nitrogen. This process may leave a blister where the mole was previously, but it results in less or no blood shed during the procedure. This method is ideal for some due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure and the easy recovery process. This method may not be suitable if your mole is potentially cancerous. 


Laser mole removal involves using a laser to precisely remove a mole and leave the skin around the area intact. Laser treatment is a safe an effective way to remove a mole without harming the surrounding skin. This method may not be effective for every mole, especially for raised moles. 

Discussing Your Options

Some options for mole removal are better suited to certain individuals depending on the mole itself and the individual's unique needs and situation. No matter which removal method you end up choosing, it is important to never attempt at-home mole removal. These techniques should be practiced by licensed medical professionals in a medical office for your safety and to achieve the best possible results. Your local dermatology center will consult with you, consider your needs, and help you determine which method of mole removal is best for you. Contact a center like MOD Dermatology to learn more.