What You Should Know About Axillary Hyperhidrosis

One of the common problems that cause many people social anxiety is when they produce large amounts of underarm sweat. Sweaty underarms can ruin the beauty of an outfit and cause a lot of embarrassment. Did you know that there is actually a medical condition for sweaty underarms known as axillary hyperhidrosis? The condition can be treated, and Botox injections are one of the techniques that can be used for resolving the problem.

Caring For Your Skin When You Have Psoriasis

People who have psoriasis suffer from itchy patches of skin that are sometimes accompanied by scales and redness. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to combat this issue. Work with someone who specializes in dermatology, and use these helpful hints to help your skin look and feel better. Avoid Harsh Or Perfumed Soaps Some perfumed or harsh soaps can irritate sensitive skin, and they can sometimes lead to more itchiness and redness.

What Kind Of Skin Problems Should Send You Running To The Dermatologist

It is important to make sure that you are taking very good care of your skin. Part of doing this means that you will need to be well aware of the skin issues that should cause you enough concern that you will schedule an appointment with a skilled dermatologist. Some of those skin problems include: Moles That Are Changing In Appearance There is nothing alarming about the average mole on your body.

Some Things You Need To Know About Botox

Many people get Botox because of it's many benefits. You can get Botox for medical or cosmetic reasons, which is why it is so widely used. If you are unfamiliar with Botox here are some things that you need to know. What Is Botox? Botox is actually a toxin that is injected into the body. In different forms the toxin of botulism can be very dangerous even fatal if it is injected into the system in large amounts.

Surgical Options For Removing Skin Cancer

Early treatment of skin cancer is very important because this type of cancer is easy to treat as long as it is caught early. Plus, when the cancer is small, it is easy to remove without taking out a lot of tissue and leaving a big scar. Skin cancer is treated by removing the cancer and a border of healthy tissue that surrounds it. Here are the types of available skin cancer surgery in most areas.

Tips To Help Get Rid Of Acne

Acne can happen in your teens, through young adulthood, and even into your adult years. It's not easy to have acne no matter your age, but the good news is that there are some things you can do yourself to help get rid of your acne. See below for tips on how to get rid of acne. Drink More Water If your diet includes a lot of soda or other sugary drinks, but not a lot of water, start drinking more water.

Alternative To Getting A Tan Through Sun Exposure

When trying to get a nice tan, you might be wondering if there is any way that you can avoid increasing your risk of skin cancer. The amount of exposure that you have to the sun is one of the leading factors influencing your likelihood of developing tumors on your skin. There are much better ways to get a tan that do not involve the sun. A Safe Alternative To Tanning

Got Acne? How To Use Fruit To Clear Your Skin

If you are dealing with acne, you may be willing to try anything to get rid of the acne and get soft, glowing skin. While it may sound a bit fruity, various fruits can be used in different ways to help clear up the acne and give you the flawless skin you desire. Here are a few different ways to use fruit to clear up your acne. Banana Peel One of the ways that you can reduce acne and even lighten some of the acne scars you have is to rub a banana peel on your face.

Have Years Of Smoking Caught Up With Your Skin – Only After You've Quit?

If you began smoking cigarettes as a teenager or twenty-something, you may have taken little notice of warnings that this habit would eventually take its toll on the appearance of your skin, hair, and teeth. However, the most noticeable damage may begin to reveal itself only in your forties and fifties – sometimes well after you've stopped smoking and committed to a healthier lifestyle. Are there any options to roll the clock back?

Vaginal Atrophy Symptoms & Treatment Options

If you have given birth to one or more children and/or are post-menopausal, you may find yourself experiencing discomfort from sexual intercourse or facing a host of symptoms caused by vaginal atrophy. According to Medical News Today (MNT), vaginal atrophy affects up to 75 percent of all women after menopause, but it can also affect women after child birth. Although this condition is common, women often do not seek medical advice, probably because they see it as a normal sign of aging or due to the taboo surrounding discussions of sexuality and aging, explains MNT.